On our website we give you information about everthing "Die Maeze Sanghers" can offer you, and which options can be at your service.
If you are interested in a performance of "Die Maeze Sanghers" please let us know. For concerts,
reservations, and information about our choir please contact our PR-department.

News flash

Shantyfestival Maassluis on the 5th of October 2019 at the 40th edition of the Furieade.


Becoming a member of "Die Maeze Sangers"?

Yes! Come along and have a taste during our rehearsals. We come together every Tuesday morning from 10:00 to 12:00 o'clock. Crew only

Our CD's

Several CD's of our choir are produced. It is possible to order them, but during our performances they are also available.
More info!

Who we are?

A shantychoir from Maassluis!

Maassluis, first city along the New Waterway, so you understand ..... Shanty is in our blood! We give performances all over The netherlands and even far abroad! Please come along and enjoy our shanties during our performances!

What we do?

Nou....eigenlijk best wel veel!

  • Twelve performances in Rotterdam!!
  • Cruise Terminal Rotterdam to be exact!!
  • Performances on rivercruiseships in Dordrecht!!
  • Performances in carecentres!!
  • Performances during street-fairs and shanty-fairs!!

What is told about us?

Just some reactions

  • "The soundtechnicians, they are SUPER!!"

    A nice addition to the choir, Henk & Jacques
  • "I Love It!"

    Please, leave your message in our guestbook!!
  • "Keep on going!!"

    Mary Smith, Cruise Terminal Rotterdam